'The virtue of the camera is not the power it has to transform the photographer into an artist, but the impulse it gives him to keep on looking'

Brooks Atkinson 1894-1984 Journalist & Drama Critic




When I first displayed my photos online back in 2001, I searched for an appropriate quote to go on the front page. I don't know much about Atkinson, but I kept his word here.  I realise more and more every day how true they really are. 




I've loved photography for many years but it's been a serious hobby only since 2003, turning more recently into a real passion. 

The gallery houses selected images split into ten rooms and updated every month or so. The images have no watermarks, and larger versions of most are available upon request. 




Tell a story


I found the best way to keep shooting is to involve my hobby in daily life.  I take my camera with me wherever I go and if it isn't my iPhone takes over.  In the blog, which I update regularly, I share the stories behind the pictures - which range from family to gardening and travel.

UtterRelease is a play on 'shutter release' and describes what photography provides for me. My work displayed here (and anywhere else online) is under this Creative Commons License.  Please send an email if you're interested in commercial use of any of the photographs.


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