We Have a New Baby
Friday, March 20, 2009
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I was told you can't love a woman like a sister, wife, daughter and girlfriend - all at the same time.  How wrong was I to believe that?

This is my contribution to the rescue package of the world's economy.  Actually I'm leasing it - so it's a rather small contribution.  I had the same car last year for a year's contract and absolutely loved it.  It's beautifully built and the purring of the engine brings senior citizens to tears, as they miss their youth.  Enough about last year.  This time round, I went for a two year lease. This allowed me to increase the engine size, upgrade to the turbo and get the four-wheel-drive version for the same monthly payments.  The engine no longer purrs, it growls as the car disappears into the horizon.

I have to remember to control my foot - thus ensuring the only camera to capture this beautiful lady, is my own...

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