Back to the Future
Thursday, May 21, 2009
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I needed some time before I was able to write this post.  Three years ago, I bought two trees which were two metres high for our entrance.  I looked after them almost weekly and finally decided what final shape to go for.  I decided to cut vertical lines matching the entrance on the nearer sides, and to let the rest of the trees develop naturally.  I feel this gives the best of both worlds: manicured and cared for, as well as maintaining natural shape and beauty.

The main branch on one of the trees was becoming top-heavy - and I ignored the problem for a few weeks.  You see, I was excited about the new heights the trees were reaching. They were recently visible from the roof which means an astounding height of just under eight metres in three years.  Not any more!  After the mini storm last week, I lost the top half of one of the trees and I had to face my fears!  I butchered both to a manageable size and removed all the small/weak branches.  I want to see them grow again - but this time properly.

I'm not at all an instant gardener - and I therefor much prefer seeing plants slowly taking shape and finding their home.  However, we got so used to them, that the house feels naked without them.  Yesterday morning, we spotted a number of sparrows looking for what used to be a shaded rest area for their families!

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