Emirates Palace
Friday, May 29, 2009
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The last thing I want to do is to write about my hotel experiences on this blog.  This time however was a little different.  Whilst the place is not far away from home (Abu Dhabi) it was an experience worth sharing.  The property is imposing and the furnishings very luxurious.  It's not to my personal taste but it is very impressive.  

During my five day stay, Tony Blair and Nicolas Sarkozy spent a night here each.  I found it very strange that heads of state stay at a hotel - but this made sense of all the money that had been spent on this place and the many years (if ever) it will take to get some sort of payback.

The gardens are fantastic.  From water fountains, to trees, to flowering hedges, to beautiful lawns and great designs, they are a feast even during this not-so-generous time of year.  In my opinion, the landscaping here sets a new standard for the Gulf.  

Enjoy the photographs taken last night and mostly this morning.  The ones of the interior were not good.  I couldn't control the lighting and the colours.



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