My Dusty Journey
Wednesday, June 17, 2009
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From 30,000 feet, a dust storm is rather beautiful.  That's what we should do in fact: we should build stations high up where the weather is both cooler and dust-free. Just look at that blue sky!

Even dust seems to produce beauty:  I love the view above - taken from our cruising altitude.  Dubai wasn't anywhere near as dusty as Kuwait - but it was a 'yellow' journey from start to finish.  Below are a few shots from the trip, starting with the airport, Dubai, the 'World' and Kuwait.  

As we were landing, the wind made the captain pay a little more attention.  It was so dusty, visibility was poor. The ugly shacks you see below are Shuwaikh Industrial area and Rai.  From this position, I usually get a wonderful view of Downtown - with Kuwait Towers in the very far distance.  Have a look at the larger version, you may just be able to make out some of the taller buildings.



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