Postcard from Montmartre 
Saturday, April 3, 2010
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It's funny how some places seem to always fall into the category of 'I'll go there next time'.  Montmartre has been on my list for the past three years, and every time I'm in Paris, something gets in the way.  I had an unexpected free afternoon yesterday, and - despite the terrible weather - I went to have a look.

I knew the weather would mean missing out on the fantastic panoramic view of Paris, but the hill has more to offer.  Touristy shops aside, it has a slightly different feel to Paris.  The Basilica of the Sacré Cœur, the artists-and-entertainers and the lovely little museum - set in the oldest house on the hill - can fill an afternoon and more. Rain was probably the worst weather for such a place, so on a nicer day, Montmartre would be even more charming.

Despite the rain, the staircase to the Basilica was full. I wonder if this was a special service for Good Friday.  Please excuse my ignorance, and feel free to comment with more information.  I managed to go inside the impressive building - but sorry no photography is allowed.  I managed to get these shots of their short walk and prayers in the grounds.  They had beautiful voices.

To my friends and readers who celebrate it, I wish you a Happy Easter and good health.

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