Like a Rocket
Sunday, March 25, 2012
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After nearly two weeks of annoying anyone who dared walk into my office, I am pleased to show the results.  I had set up a timelapse rig with lighting for the plants and a connection to my laptop for timed shots.  You will notice a lot of movement despite my fatherly protection.  I would have loved it more if the results were similar to 0:26 to 0:34 throughout.  However, I also wanted to capture different angles and to experiment a little.  In using a glass container I succeeded in showing the roots and the amazing early movement, but I neglected to consider drainage for the soil after watering it each night.  This, together with the unnatural light, have somewhat limited the growth of the rocket.  The glass sits outside on our garden table from today for a shot-in-the-'light' chance of the rocket maturing.

Depite all the things that did not go according to plan, I am pleased with the overall result.  The music in the backround is one of my favourite pieces of classical music: the Radetzky March by Johann Strauss (1848) and this particular one was performed by the Mantovani Orchestra.

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