Instagram Wall

It's been a busy time for me with research and going back to work this week.  I've been neglecting my photography - at least with a proper camera.  In fact I'm still behind with a post or two but will hopefully catch up soon when I'm reunited with my laptop next weekend.  The wonderful thing about iPhone photography, however, is that I haven't stopped snapping even at the busiest of times.  Apps such as Hipstamatic just add to the fun and potential for creativity.

When we remodelled our study (we changed the desk and added a few shelves) we had a big empty wall which was begging to have character.  It was the perfect the opportunity to try out printing some of the Instagram images.  I found a printing service on Firebox and received a rather fun confirmation email after I placed my first order.  I was so happy with the results, I ordered a new batch a few days later.  The room is now vibrant without anything overbearing on the wall and is also full of little memories and stories. 

The print quality is superb and the colour is perfect.  You will get something as good as what you have on your phone, printed on what looks like Polaroid snaps from a more simple time.

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