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Business Jet

With many hundreds of business cards collected from various people around the world, we needed an idea.  Although I didn't intentionally collect the cards, they filled two boxes which had started showing cracks.  The thing is: once I've scanned the cards, they're useless... but throwing them out felt too easy.

I spent some time in the aviation industry a few years ago, and the many business cards of airline executives became our inspiration for an afternoon project.  Let's make an aeroplane!

The adhesive was taking too long to work - even with rubber bands holding the cards in place.  Today was not about quality but about spending some time with my kids and playing with cards; so... although I don't recommend it, we used sellotape to finish off the model.

Business cards of airline people formed the top layer of the model, with the senior executives' names on the main fuselage; oil and fueling companies covered the wings (where the fuel tanks are); and the engines were rolls of engineers' business cards.

We even had a pretend airport and runway also made from business cards.  The test flight was a success.  Living room to Balcony and back - without any security alerts!

For dimensions we used a scaled model I have of the new A380.  Overall, a fun afternoon of doing nothing.  My children didn't join in as much as I had hoped, but I'm sure they enjoyed it.  The airplane is now hanging from the ceiling of their play room.



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