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Abraj li'Kuwait

When I converted my camera, this was the very shot I couldn't wait to get.  But let's face it, it's always the things close by we tend to take for granted.  This was no different.  I put it off waiting for the weather to become more forgiving.  Last weekend however, I looked out of the window and saw the first clouds decorating our skies.  I jumped into my car, headed into town and, when I parked outside the towers, I realised I had left my tripod on my driveway.

Never mind.  This was a quick test shot day.  These images have encouraged me and given me a flavour of the potential of infrared landscape photography in Kuwait.  Deserts, beaches and the city will never look the same again.  I can't wait to take more, nor can I wait for some drama in the skies to make the images, erm, picture-perfect.  

I'm also pleased to finally get a moment to upload these files and share them with you.  I'm extremely busy for the next few weeks - so do please excuse the longer gaps between posts and my fewer, less frequent comments on your blogs.

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