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West of West

Lines are not always clearly defined between work and life.  I'm a great believer in mixing the two to a certain degree - but not all the time.  Photography allows me to do this when I'm traveling for work.  On my current business trip, I'm visiting customers in west Wales; the first time I'm this far west on the British Isles.

This is the view from my hotel.  It's named after the bridge on the right.  The colourful little houses in the distance provide a scale for the total scene.  To find my way here, and to my meetings, I used GPS navigation.  I ended up on some interesting narrow country lanes.  My car was a VW Golf and the road below was just wide enough.  If you meet oncoming cars, one of you would need to reverse.

I drove around in the afternoons and came across Amroth Beach.  A wonderful hidden gem with beautiful sand and gorgeous pebbles.

The majority of my customers are located by the sea: terminals, refineries etc.  This is not hugely significant when I travel around the Gulf.  However, when I'm in the UK I end up seeing some places I would never have otherwise considered visiting.

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