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Growing Weed at Home

What started off as laziness became a fascination with nature in a local ecosystem.  In our balcony, we have pots of red Hibiscus framing the small space.  It's been here for nearly three years until last summer it was furiously attacked by tiny little white flies.  I had to trim all the trees down to a single stalk removing every leaf.  Miraculously, this seems to have worked and new leaves are starting to unravel.  Two weeks ago, I noticed small weeds growing in the pots.  What struck me was the variety of the flora that found its way to our first floor.  I kept putting off removing them until a 'proper' gardening afternoon.  The weather has been too nice and I found myself playing with my kids instead of tending to the plants.

I watched with amazement the fast pace these plants had in their tactical invasion.  Perfectly timed with the few days of rain that we had, and within ten days, they had taken over all the pots and started to flower.  Two days later, an air attack was launched parachuting seeds down to our garden and the surrounding areas.  These provide the next generation of l sleeping cells which, as witnessed and captured, will execute next season's plan.

Like many things in life, this rather ugly sight has a beautiful side.  The ability of survival alone is enough to impress anyone who ever attempted to grow life in a harsh environment like ours.  Here there is more beauty than merely this philosophical dimension.  The shape of the leaves, the flowers and the dandelions are beautiful when seen in the right light.  I spent a couple of mornings and an afternoon taking photos at different angles and aperture sizes.  They are now in their final hours before being removed and destroyed sometime this afternoon.

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