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Leafing Through Ealing

Staying away from visible light a little longer, allow me to take you through the parks I've spent half my life in.  I took these shots to select a handful and make up a series which I plan to print on glass.  The journey begins in Ealing Green which is a beautiful space in front of my school; Pitzhanger Manor is just visible on the left.  I can still hear the late Mr Kinkade, Headmaster of Ealing Green High in 1988, repeating the phrase: 'Please walk around The Green, we want to keep it this way'.

We now walk through the garden of the Manor to Walpole Park just behind the school.  I learned more English here than I did in the classroom.  It's where I spent almost every lunch hour whether it was sunny, in the rain, during a frost (first time I ever saw a duck waling on a pond!) or - one of the winters - in the snow. It was also where we took some of our PE lessons, running around half the park was our 400m race.

The final stop is at our local Gunnersbury Park south of Ealing.  I chose it because it offers a few 'wild' areas with trees as well as the nearest thing I could find to ruins of old buildings: subjects that are suited to infrared photography.  The Gothic Tower in the last image is the place where I would always pause for a break whenever I cycled around the park - something I haven't done for sometime now.

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