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Eat my Dust

Although I don't follow the rallies, the cars nor the drivers, I had heard and read about this a few weeks ago.  The Kuwait International Rally was a couple of weeks back, and whether you know these supercars or not it was a wonderful opportunity for some action shots.  For me personally, it fell on a weekend when I was returning from a business trip late Thursday night, busy most of Friday, all of Saturday, and flying off again the following Monday.  I wasn't sure about timings, locations so I found myself surrendering to the I'll-do-it-next-time trap.

I then heard from Adrenaline while waiting for a meeting to start in Qatar late Thursday afternoon.  He had kindly requested a media pass for me and we exchanged a few messages about the planned races.  I realised that I could make the first race on Friday morning in Salmy (Western Kuwait).  The following morning, and a strong coffee in hand I was driving to Salmy by 8am.  I needed to be back in time for Friday prayer and my family weekly gathering, so I saw he first race in full.  My camera and I swallowed a kilo of sand, each, per car.

The first thing that struck me when I arrived was how open the track was.  One could easily end up walking on it - especially if the event is not know to them.  Being near a camping area, I was even more concerned.  It should be better organised from a safety standpoint.  Anyway, the good news is also that... I was able to get extremely close to the action.  I only had my 18-200 lens, but I didn't feel I needed anything more capable,  It was great to see many other photographers there, a few with some serious kit.

This was more fun than I thought and I had high expectations.  I tried to find a spot where the cars 'jumped' but even though I had our XC90, I was hesitant to follow the outside of the whole track - especially after seeing three cars stuck!  It had rained heavily for the few days leading up to the event.  Having said that, I was still happy to be close to the track - safely behind a small mound, and near some of the turnings.  The only thing missing was some trees, which would have been in my composition had I made it to the more interesting location of Atraf.

It frustrated me that the gathering of friends planned on Saturday afternoon was cancelled in the last minute, which means I could have gone to Atraf!  The thing that added water to the mud (I know) was the reason given: rain! I suppose I could have missed the event altogether and I am very please I was there albeit for a brief time.  I also got to take our family car on an off road adventure.  It's usually a black car - but not so that afternoon.


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