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To Bee

I spent a few minutes in the garden this morning - smelling the roses.  Actually, we don't have any roses but I wanted to get a couple of shots of the flowers on the Gardenia.  By the grace of God, this beautiful plant has survived four summers and has given it's best bloom this spring.  I wasn't taking the shots for the blog.  They're for my garden log-book and are therefore less artistic and more practical.

I'm writing this post to share, as you can see, a different set of image.  It's hard to spend any amount of time in a garden, this time of the year, without finding a special something.  It's an almost certain investment if you look hard enough.  For me, my reward was this curious insect.

The photo below is when I first noticed it.  It just hovered there almost watching over me - probably wondering what on earth I was doing.  I took the photo with the assumption that it would be my first and last chance.  Little did I know it would go on posing for me a little more, to which I happily obliged.  It was the most wonderful start to a very long day at work.


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