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Two men, two meals, and two pastas - hence the silly title.  A few days ago, while shopping for football snacks with one of my brothers, we came across some fantastic king prawns.  We were sick of takeaways and decided to have a home-cooked meal for a change.  We added some fresh pasta to the basket and headed to the check-out.  I picked up some mince meat and penne for the following day.

It all starts of with the same step as almost every dish I make: hot pan, onions and a bit of garlic.  The prawns have been cleaned and are at this point soaking in Lemon.  When the onions are just starting to brown, the prawns are thrown in.  A minute or so later, the tomatoes follow; and finally tomato paste is added for colour and flavour.  As the heat is reduced to allow the mix to settle, chopped green chilli is added. It competes with the other flavours but at this late stage, it doesn't overwhelm.

Fresh tagliatelle worked beautifully in this dish.  Two minutes in boiling water before it's drained and ready.  The only addition apart from salt during cooking is black pepper.  I have to mention here that Peogeot make the best black pepper mills ever.  I bought ours in France three years ago and it still pretends to be new...

The whole process took less than twenty five minutes, and it tasted even better than it looks.  Tislam eedik, Bu Ali.

I'll be trying this myself next time, for the family.  My personal expertise is in pasta with roasted minced lamb.  The process is similar to above, but I don't use chilly.  For this dish, I find that penne or fusilli work best.  We have spaghetti occasionally but always with a bolognese sauce, which is my wife's specialty.  I'll close with a few images of the second dish. Enjoy.

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