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Abstract Year

Focusing less on the detail and more on the colour and form does not come naturally to me.  I appreciate the beauty of how a good abstract photo doesn't necessarily reveal the subject, but until now any abstract shots taken by me have been purely accidental.  In an effort to discover this new world, I will post an image a day from my iPhone for the rest of this year.   Not all will be pretty.  In fact many will probably be ghastly.  The pressure of uploading an image each day will help discover, learn, understand and hopefully appreciate abstract photography.  My first image was uploaded on 21.1.12 and if you're interested in following, the blog is at: Tajreedi.net

The start of my 2012 has been 'abstract' to say the least.  Perhaps this is fueling the sudden interest in this genre of photography.  Whatever it is, it's making me want to learn more - which is always a good thing.


Update 4 March 2012: A cowardly act but a necessary one.  I could sit here and type many excuses as to why I'm making this change but quite frankly it's mostly laziness.  This has become more of a chore than a learning adventure.  I will therefore remove the images thst I posted just for the sake of a daily feed, and will start being more selective in what I capture.  This will therefore become an-image-a-week blog not one every day.  I will fix it retrospectively to reflect the change.  Every Saturday, a new abstract image will be uploaded choosing the best one from the few attempts in each week.

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