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Green Friday

Ever since our two trees were removed from the front of our house, I've neglected our little garden.  It's been long enough and it was time for some love and care.  The weather we're blessed with these few days is a huge boost, both for the plants, and for me to get out there and do the work.

The small triangular space of 6x7 metres is perfect for me to do the work myself.  Nothing beats the feeling of using your hands in a garden.  Holding the sand (and sometimes more), weeding, cutting and shaping plants is the most therapeutic thing I can think of.  Being able to take a few photos as I do the work means I'm enjoying two pleasures simultaneously.

When the weather is as it was yesterday, it becomes a family event as the children play with cuttings and help with planting small flowers.

Apart from tidying up, there wasn't much to change.  The only new addition was a third Neem tree.  Whilst I hear many may not find them particularly attractive, I love the way they stand high.  Their flexible branches and beautiful leaves give a pleasing look... I understand they keep insects away too - though I'm not so sure.  Finally, our annual supply of white Alyssum was added to the pots at the entrance.

The best part, and I'm sure gardeners out there know what I mean, is the final 'wash'.  Watering the new plants, and wetting the leaves and furniture, soon brings out the wonderful scents which fill the surrounding air.

Question: Can anyone tell me the name of this yellow flower?

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