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My Little Pony

This has to be one of the most fun activities for a family: on horseback through the woods.  The weather was beautiful and so was the place.  The people (and animals) at the Riding Centre were very welcoming, which made the afternoon even more pleasant.  They managed to fit us in on a busy day , which was just as well since I had already promised the kids.

It all starts with swapping our shoes for boots. Once those and the hats were on, the horses and ponies were prepared.  Waiting to be called to mount, the excitement was indescribable.  Once we were on, we received some basic instructions as we got comfortable on the saddles (it was the children's first time) and then we were off.

I'm always impressed by how powerful horses are.  This trip showed me how a steep climb is managed with delightful ease.  They're such gentle animals you can't help but admire them.  We had a fantastic time and our short ride seemed to only last a few short minutes.

My wife was getting a little too comfortable...  Every time I turned around, there she was illustrating the multi-tasking ability of ladies.  She had assumed the typical Kuwaiti driving position which mandates that one hand holds a phone and the other is for steering.  She assured me her phone was being used as a camera at the time - but I still have my doubt.  I think she was on Facebook.

I cannot wait for the next opportunity to do this. I can't recommend it enough.  I'm catching up with my family this weekend before returning home on Sunday.  The countdown to my short holiday will begin from then.

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