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The Perfect Web Cam

I am never sure whether or not to carry my DSLR with me when I travel.  I would often pack everything, then reduce it to the essentials, only to leave the bag behind on my way out.  When I bought the Fujifilm X10, it felt like the decision to leave my 'real camera' behind became easier.  This week, I'm starting to see why. Landscape and street photography are good enough with virtually any camera today.  Low-light photography and indeed macro are a little different.  I don't remember the last time I dialled in an ISO higher than 800.  In fact the only time was Noor's ballet performance, and that was in Kuwait (I should probably post a couple of shots).  Yesterday, I had a chance to test my X10 with these two spiders setting up homes in our back garden (In London... so no Nikon).  They are tiny! and the results were impressive.

I haven't yet figured out how to comfortably manage the manual focus, so I was locking the focus on my hand and getting close to the spiders' web before fully depressing the shutter.  Whilst the quality may not be good enough for large prints, it is without doubt enough for photos like the ones on this blog that are destined to spend eternity on the web.  

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