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Roadside Culture

From childhood memories to recent discussions with friends about rainful in Kuwait, I often hear about the relationship between the greening of the desert a week or so after a few days of propper, heavy, puddles-everywhere rainy days. As I type these words, it's raining heavily and has been all day today. The desert-greening puddles will hopefully continue working a few more weeks this season.

Over the past month, I witnessed shoots and flowers appearing in places where water had gathered near the highway; mostly green weed and bouquets of little yellow daisy flowers (locally known as Nuwair). One of these areas is on the highway adjacent to Fintas, south of Kuwait City (junction of 209/7 and 30 to be precise) seemed to just explode in life and colour. I watched it grow in a matter of days, and on Thursday I stopped to have a proper look and capture the scene onto my memory card. Inspired by seeing butterflies a few days before, I took my macro lens too.

I kept forgetting that these are not our landscaped flower beds that are seemingly as mismanaged as everything else in the country. These are wild flowers, admittidly some with seeds from other flower beds, that have come together to create a little oasis by the side of the highway.

What struck me most was the colour variety and the wildlife. There were the birds, many of them in such a small area offering a chorus that drowned the the hum of the highway. I didn't have my telephoto lens, but I did catch a Bulbul with my macro lens as he warned others of my presence. I also saw a beetle (insect not car) for the first time in years, and a shiny green fly. The latter will have their own blog posts soon.

I thought it long enough when I was there, so I'll share it: This place felt like a metaphor for Kuwait - Although we may not be doing the best we can for our country, somehow Allah is blessing us with beauty and regeneration in places we hardly ever look at!

Happy National and Liberation Days, Kuwait. God bless you and everyone who calls you home.

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