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Our little fig tree has made a complete recovery with healthy leaves and even some fruit!  Quite exciting really as it was given to us by my mother from her garden when it started showing signs of new life after an ordeal that gave the impression of its final days late November.  

It's been a while since I posted something from the garden, which according to my wife, is looking 'good'.  It's a relief to hear it as I've done very little in the past three months.  We have reached that time of year again, when we shake off the last of the cool (very relative and loose use of the word) weather and head towards the oven months when we can watch fruit and vegetables being roasted live from our windows. Delicate plants should now be covered from the burning sun, and watering needs to be more frequent.  I want to post a full update of our little haven, but I can't see that happening before the next season sometime in September.

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