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Postcard from Geneva

It's rare for a business trip to offer a whole day in a city, but this is exactly what I had in Geneva.  I stopped there on my way home from France.  I arrived in the evening and my flight was not until the following night.  I had little idea what to expect, having not read about Geneva until I was in the taxi from La Clusaz.

The nice thing about having more than a few hours is the luxury of time to wait for the weather to shift.  When I left my hotel in the morning, it was cloudy and raining occasionally.  By the evening, some of the cloud had cleared and a beautiful blue appeared.  I walked for hours and hours in a city that is beautifully framed by mountains with a lake in the centre.  It's an impressive city, yet not overpowering;  Large enough to be interesting with very different areas and neighborhoods and, on a nice day, small enough to fully discover on foot.  

Although I had never been to Geneva, the image of the fountain was always something I associated with the city.  The shopping streets and the old part of town offer generous options of cafes and bars to sit and watch the place.  Equally there are gardens and seating areas near the lake which feature the beautiful views of the surroundings.  The extra time I had allowed me to take shots I rarely get the chance to capture on shorter walks.  The lines for the tram are on all major streets - you just have to look up.  The antique shops are a treat to browse - I particularly liked the old cameras in some of the stores.  Light fell beautifully on the bookshelf which was neatly stacked outside one of the shops.  It was nice to have the time to see such details.

In all my travel, studying and working abroad, I have not met many Swiss people.  I can't really comment about them and who they are.  What I can say is that during my stay I felt I was in a small town, rather than a city.  A small town with friendly and helpful people who had a lot of time for visitors.


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