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Instant Capture


I've been hearing how good the little cameras are on the iPhone. I've also noticed the many photographers who I follow online using their phones as their daily camera. I was skeptical to say the least: I accepted that the odd image now and then would work because of accidental good lighting, or a superb subject, but not due to creativity! Well, I started using my new iPhone recently and I am very, very, impressed. I cannot believe how much I can do with such a small camera. The features of the numerous apps available provide a world of options with many more to come, I'm sure.

Lomography and instant film photography intrigue me. The lack of full control and the zero post editing offers something unique and beautiful. I really don't have the time to learn and experiment with film, and definately not to learn about development techniques. The iPhone and photo/camera apps quench my thirst for this avenue of photography. The convenience of having this capability in my pocket, everywhere I go, is the icing on the cake.

Once I tidy up my collection pages into themed galleries (one day), I will add one for images taken by phone. To keep them interesting, I will do zero editing. My favourite shots will simply be uploaded as-shot. The above are a start. They're my favourites over the first three weeks of my phone's life. I hope you like them and the others to follow.

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