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Star Struck

If you live in Kuwait, you will know that you're almost never further than five metres from a tall street light.  The whole city is brightly lit all night and the roads illuminated to the furthest points near the south and, more recently, the north borders.  It's therefore hard to imagine a place in our tiny country without light.  When the generator was switched off during our camping trip, I was amazed by the number of visible stars.  With a clear night, which is rare, and having remembered to bring a tripod, even more rare, I attempted a star-trail photo to remember the night.  The photo had to include part of the tent to make it a little more special than just a sky shot.

I dialed in the usual settings and took a couple of test-shots with the shutter open for twenty minutes or so.  I realised that the light from the junction in the far distance, as well as those from the American military base not far away from us, would interfere with a very long exposure.  The longest shutter speed which pruduced a reasonalble result was 100 minutes (top).  The light you see oozing out of the tent's door is in fact from the coal fire that we had inside to keep us warm.

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