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On our second day in Boubyan we sailed north near Khor Abdullah to see the wrecks of the two oil tankers destroyed in the war.  Until we started planning the trip, I knew nothing about them.  In fact I still don't know anything worth noting.  My work is in the oil industry and particularly on the shipping side - so this was familiar ground for me with a very unfamiliar scene.

It's hard to believe that in this mess, beauty can still find its way onto my camera film (or sensor).  The colours, the textures and the story behind them - whatever it may be - provided a great scene.  The calm sea and clear sky made it a breeze to capture. Timing was the final ingredient, and it too managed to be there perfectly... We arrived just before sunset and left when it got dark.  I hope you enjoy the images. 

Finally, please spare a thought and prayer to the brave men who keep these waters safe for you and me.  On a daily basis (and I know this for a fact!) there are infiltrators and smugglers who attempt to enter Kuwaiti waters from the north and east.  Earlier this month I attended the funeral of martyr Abdulrahman Al Wady of the Kuwait Coast Guard.  He was shot during a stop-and-search mission of an Iraqi 'fishing' boat. 

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