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London Falling

It is impressive how much colour our local park in West London produces.  I don't just mean today's warm rainbow of autumn shades, but more the colours throughout the years.  I've had the opportunity of taking silver shots of frosty grass, heavenly greens in the height of summer, brilliant white when snow covered the ground and branches, and more recently infrared shots of the rich foliage which resulted in a wonderful ghostly feel.  Autumn is by far my favourite look with all the colours imaginable and the green stubbornly there in the form of grass if in nothing else.  The air is fresh and cool which makes the perfect combination of weather and sights for lovely walks.

The squirrels were hard at work hopping through the leaves but rocketing up the trees every time I got close.  I wasn't there for them.  The colours of the fallen leaves were rich and loud ranging from a firey red to a bright yellow - and this is what I was there to capture.  

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