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I fell in love with photography after it had matured into the digital age.  My first serious camera did not have a film in it but a memory card.  I missed photography's youth and early years of risk, high maintenance and excessive cost.  However, as I get deeper into the understanding of composition, light and exposure, I am fascinated by the film world.  I  can't see myself having a dark room and developing film - even if I have spent the last few weeks reading about the process in great detail.  But I do like the learn a little more.

If there is something that I 've wanted to try it's the cheaper plastic lens cameras like the Holga.  I like the idea of things not going 100% to plan and being surprised by the results of the images.  Hipstamatic has given me this without having to buy the cameras and film.  I'm sure it's not the full experience but I've been having so much fun with this app it needed a mention here.  There are hundreds of photography apps that allow you to use your phone and apply filters to images in post processing.  What I prefer is to have a think about what result I want to achieve, choosing the right film, lens and flash, and waiting (yes waiting) for the result after shooting.

Whether it's interesting angles with shades on architecture, or special views from a London bus, the fact that your phone is always with you means you can capture much more with it than with any camera.  Having the ability to have a camera 'feeling' especially prior to taking the shot means your phone images are not the same everytime you fire the shutter.


These images have all been taken using Hipstamatic.  My current phone is an iPhone 4 and I'm sure the 4S would give even sharper results.  I use the app at least once a day documenting special days like when I registered at University last week, or the not so special  when I've visited the dentist.  Their recent link to Instagram makes it even easier to share images; there and on other social media.  There is an option of tagging which 'equipment' were used in creating the image: an excellent way of finding themes for favourites. In fact the app allows you to store favourite combinations of different lenses, films and flashes.

This last image is a perfect example of what I would miss if I didn't use this app.  I pass this potted plant every day in my garden.  On this particular afternoon the light around it was just right.  I knew the result would be special, but I had no idea it would come out this beautiful.  I claim very little credit.

 Link: Hipstamatic

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